Élo and Charly –  A Cross Country Ski Trip / Une journée en ski de fond

Follow the adventures of Élo and Charly.  The first part of the book, narrated in French, tells the story of Élo, Charly and their family going cross-country skiing. The second part is told in English by Charly, who is dreaming of his day’s adventure. He has an interesting way of seeing the world!

The books in this collection are designed to support children and their families to read in English and French. The text and learning activities will facilitate the acquisition of vocabulary in both languages.

Written by Mathy Ritchie. Illustrations by Nuala O’Seasnain

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Meet Elo and Charly


About the Author & Illustrator

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Mathy Ritchie

Mathy was born in Quebec in a small rural town where she grew up close to nature. She has been living in British Columbia for many years where she shares her passion for French language with kids and the community where she teaches. As a life long learner and a lover of the outdoors, she is always looking for the next exciting project or planning an adventure for her family! Amongst her personal accomplishments, she has a PhD in Educational Studies from the University of Victoria.
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Nuala O'Seasnain


Born in New Brunswick and growing up in Ontario, Nuala spent her early years drawing and reading. She developed an interest in developmental and educational psychology in university and realized she wanted to combine her passion for art and inspire children’s learning. After completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Waterloo, Nuala Twigg set off for Vancouver to be surrounded by the mountains and the ocean she loves to paint. After over a decade in marketing and graphic design, she began to focus more on her art and creating illustrations for educational projects. When she’s not drawing, you can find Nuala enjoying walks with her husband, camping, honing her calligraphy skills, or sipping tea and knitting with friends.

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